Not "polish" as in covering a nail with varnish, but "polish" as in "buffing a diamond to shine",


The Shimmer Shop presents its newest creation just in time for Spring romances! This cocoa-scented lip-polish will make your lips as soft as velvet by tenderly removing old wind-burned layers of dead skin that can make lips feel dry, cracked and chapped.


Exfoliating Lip-Polish has been meticulously formulated & balanced to be the perfect preparation for the soothing, dazzlingly delicious lip gloss you already know & love!

Easy to apply & remove from lips- thanks it's 100% edible formula, Exfoliating Lip-Polish is a Vegan and cruelty free formula that respects both you & the environment. Contains coconut oil & cocoa butter for soft, plump, kissable lips.

Hand-made Exfoliating Lip-Polish

  • Brown Sugar, Cocos Nucifera, Theobroma

  • Just apply with a clean finger, massage into lips in circular motions then rinse or simply lick off leaving lips primed & ready to be topped-off with a light coat of The Shimmer Shop's Lip Gloss.